What Are Wisdom Teeth?

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What Are Wisdom Teeth?

According to MyOMS.org, Wisdom teeth are the farthest 4 molars. But there is a lot of mystery surrounding what they really are and why they seem to cause so much trouble. Let’s take care of that, shall we?

It’s Not Wise to Ignore Your Wisdom Teeth

When a wisdom tooth does not grow in fully, we call it impacted. Surprisingly, 90% of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth which can damage neighboring teeth or become infected. Bacteria can also become trapped within the wisdom teeth which can lead to gum disease.

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What Makes a Tooth Wise?

Wisdom teeth are formally known as the third molars. Wisdom teeth get their name because they appear so late… when we are older and supposedly wiser – between the ages of 17 and 25. We thought we knew everything when we were that age, too!

It is said that our wisdom teeth are an evolutionary development. We no longer need them as our human ancestors did: to aid in the digestion of plant cellulose.

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~Dr. Marea White