Your Whitest Wedding-Season Smile Yet!

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It’s June! Do you hear all the wedding bells in the air? Have you been receiving sweet little “save the date” notices in the mail? Have you been dieting to be able to wear your favorite summer party dress?

A Photo-Ready Smile

Marea White Just Married

Wedding season marks the beginning of another season as well. This is the season of taking way too many photos. It’s also the season of greeting distant family and friends. We all want to look our best. It’s only natural!

Is Your Smile Photo Ready?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…especially when we post it on social media!

A bright, white smile makes a huge difference in photos and in real life. Your pearly whites exude a certain confidence!

You’re in luck; we’re happy to offer Lumibrite teeth whitening at our office.

A Great Deal!

Normally our whitening service costs $200. But, if you mention this blog post, we’ll cut the cost in half.

After all those wedding gift purchases, a discount on teeth whitening is a welcome relief and a great way to treat yourself!

Visit our website to schedule an appointment today! We’ll take an impression of your mouth and create a vacuum-sealed mouthpiece. Lumibrite is a prescription-strength whitening solution that works wonders on your teeth!

Very soon, you’ll have the whitest, healthiest, most confident smile ever.
~Dr. Marea White