A White, And Affordable, Smile!

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Lumibrite is our favorite teeth whitening solution. And since it’s January, your teeth should look white as snow.

You could try over the counter products. But why waste time and money. Come in and see us – beautiful smiles are our business.


Whitening your teeth might seem like a frivolous thing to do, but there are times when we all just need a little lift. So whiting our teeth can give us that lift and brighten our entire face!

Lumibrite features a strong 32-percent (prescription strength) solution. It’s a take home kit that only takes ten minutes per day for two weeks. It really is that easy.

You will need to make an appointment so that we can take an impression of your mouth. Then , we will create a custom, vacuum sealed mouthpiece. Don’t you wish more things in life were this simple?

Marea White Lumibrite

And the best part is we are running a special!

This is Special

For our existing patients, mention this ad at your next appointment and receive Lumibrite for $100. For new patients, we are offering this whitening kit for free (some restrictions apply).

White smiles don’t happen by accident. But, Lumibrite sure makes having a whiter smile much easier!
~Dr. Marea White