The Truth about Root Canals

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Root canals get a pretty bad rap. In fact, root canals might be one of the most dreaded dental procedures.

Most people, when questioned, equate the pain of a root canal to the pain associated with childbirth. But, is this really true? And what exactly does a root canal procedure entail?

I think if I take away the mystery associated with a root canal, you’ll better understand what is happening if ever you need one.

Root Canals Take Away Pain

I want to clear this up once and for all: root canals are not the cause of pain.

A root canal deadens the roots of an infected tooth. The infection is the real source of the pain. Once the roots are dead, the pain will be gone.

Marea White Root Canal

With advances in technology, most root canals can be completed in a normal appointment time. No two procedures are exactly alike, but depending on the number of roots we are working on, you will be in and out of our office in no time…no need to take the day off from work.

Once the roots of the infected tooth are dead, the tooth is likely to become brittle. So, it’s common practice to apply a crown to the tooth to make sure the tooth stays securely in place. This will require a separate appointment.

Have No Fear!

We want to make sure every appointment is a comfortable experience for our patients. If an upcoming root canal appointment has you feeling extra anxious, we will gladly offer you nitrous oxide if you think that will help.

~Dr. Marea White