Top 5 Benefits of Seeing One Dentist in Bedford for the Whole Family

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general dentist for the whole family

In this fast-paced, busy world, it is helpful to simplify our lives as much as possible. Having one dentist in Bedford who can offer cleanings and treatments for the whole family can be a great, easy way to do that. Whenever we can consolidate accounts and appointments, we can save time and extra hassle, but there are several other benefits as well. 

Can a General Dentist Treat Everyone In My Whole Family?

A general dentist is a one-stop office for every member of your family. We see patients during all stages of life, from toddler to grandparents. We offer services that are relevant to each stage, including check-ups before all of a baby’s teeth are in, to dentures, when we begin to lose some of our teeth.

Our services include:

  • Cleanings
  • Cavity Identification and fillings
  • Sealants
  • Treatment For Gum Disease
  • Cosmetic Dental Treatments, Like Crowns and Veneers, and Dentures
  • Screenings For Oral Cancer

What Are the Benefits of Seeing One Dentist in Bedford?

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider seeing a general dentist that can service every member in your household.

  1. Keep All Your Records In One Place – It is difficult to keep track of health records in this digital age. Some people store everything in a Google Drive, but then still have to organize and search for necessary information. It can give you peace-of-mind knowing that all your x-rays and oral history for your whole family are conveniently saved in one office. You do not need to ask to transfer records from a pediatric dentist to a regular dentist when your child begins to grow. And you just have one number to call if you need to contact your dentist to share records for other services like orthodontics or surgery.
  2. Develop Long-Term Relationships – At Marea White, DDS, we value quality relationships with all of our patients. We maintain a small, boutique office so that we can really get to know you and your family. We place a high value on caring about what is going on in your family’s life and seek to offer support and guidance that benefits you. We delight in watching children grow up from toddlers to teens and helping them make good decisions about their oral care and treatments. There is a great deal of trust present when we can journey with a patient throughout their life. We celebrate a new patient each month and participate in Cancer Walks and community events for our patients. 
  3. Track Family Dental History Easily – Patients sometimes overlook the impact of genetics in their oral health. When we get to know each member of the family, we can be on the look-out for genetic or hereditary disorders that may run in the family. We can notice similarities between family members in our preventative care. And as mentioned, we can compare records as all family records are saved in our office.
  4. Save Time – We offer a variety of daily hours throughout the week to accommodate all family schedules. We are open at 7 AM on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for before-school or work appointments. And we stay late until 6 PM on Wednesdays for after-school/sports appointments. We try to accommodate requests to schedule everyone in your family during the same block of time to save you multiple trips. 
  5. Set an Example and Build Trust – When your children get to see you going to the dentist and building a positive relationship with us, it helps them to follow your example and trust us as well. When they are young, they can see you model what it’s like to walk through an appointment. That can ease any stress or apprehension for your young child. We really do have a sweet spot for young kids and teens, having raised a few of our own, and we enjoy acting as a partner with you in raising a healthy family. 

If you are considering simplifying your life this year in 2020 and want to focus on one local dentist for your entire family, we’d love to meet you or help you make that transition