Pampering The Mother in Your Life

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Marea White with her mother and son

We all love our moms, but Mother’s Day sometimes has the habit of sneaking up on us.

That’s why I try to plan my Mother’s Day activities in March or April. No matter what I plan, it’s always nice to spend the day with my son and my own mother.

As a mother, I can attest that we love anything you get us or anything you do for us. We appreciate the kind thought.

We also appreciate it when you plan something a little different every now and again.

With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a little blog post with some ideas for pampering your mom this Mother’s Day.

Take Her Out

Every mother is a unique individual. We’re not all the same. We’re people with varied tastes and thresholds for excitement. Some moms might enjoy a day at the spa, while others might prefer to relax at home, away from strangers and busy parking lots.

As such, these are just loose suggestions. You should know by now if your mother would prefer a massage over a brand new book and takeout from her favorite restaurant.

Here are a few restaurant suggestions:

  • Oldwest Cafe – Oldwest’s Mother’s Day breakfast speaks for itself. If your mom doesn’t like crowds, though, you may want to hold off on this one– there’s often a line out the door.
  • Cafe Sicilia – Cafe Sicilia has great food, but they also offer takeout and delivery. If your mother enjoys Italian food, this is a great special treat for Mother’s Day.
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen – Some moms just love seafood, and nothing else will do. If that’s the case, Pappadeaux should be your go-to. You might want to make reservations, now, though– but just in case, they offer takeout as well.

If you need a few more options, Groupon might give you some ideas.

You might also try one of these spas:

Bed and breakfasts are another great option. If your mother would enjoy a little time away from home and her daily stresses, there are a few in the area.

We suggest The Thornton Inn Bed and Breakfast in Arlington and Jefferson Street Bed and Breakfast Inn in Irving.

Creative Gifts

If your mother is a bit too busy to get away at a spa or a bed and breakfast, we have some gift suggestions that buck the normal trends.

Why not try these wood and tortoiseshell sunglasses from Warby Parker?  Or this wood framed wall planter for succulents from Uncommon Goods? These Whitecap slippers from Woolrich are also a great choice.

You can find many more ideas at Esquire and Country Living.

You can also think even more outside the box. What’s one thing your mother might want, but would never buy for herself?

For many of my friends, it’s teeth whitening. They love the idea of having their teeth professionally whitened, but they’d never indulge in it for themselves.

If your mother is always talking about how she wants whiter teeth, this might be the Mother’s Day to treat her to a fresher, brighter smile.

Sonicare toothbrushes are also a great item many moms might never buy for themselves. They make brushing enjoyable, and they make your mouth feel cleaner than anything short of a visit with your dentist.

No matter how you choose to pamper your mother this Mother’s Day, we hope you spend some quality time with her. Gifts and day spa trips are great but, speaking as a mom, nothing is as great as spending time with your family.  

~Dr. Marea White