New Year, New You [Part 1]

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Healthy Lifestyles

It’s that time of year again… The start of a new year, and new resolutions. We all make them, and we all usually break them, too. Data shows, 45% of Americans usually make new year’s resolutions, but only 8% of us are successful at achieving them!

The data goes on to say, 47% of us make “self-improvement” resolutions and only 46% of people maintain their resolutions past the first six months.

It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Resolution

Sometimes, making a resolution seems destined to be broken. It’s pretty unrealistic to think you can immediately overcome a habit you’ve spent years establishing. So instead, start 2016 with “lifestyle” changes.

Take small steps, every day, to hit your goals instead of listing an abstract goal, such as “lose weight.”

Healthy eating is always a good habit to get into. As we mentioned in our recent blog, healthy eating is connected to our overall health and healthy eating can be easier than you think. If you put a plan and menu in place, you can shop once and eat for a week!

Below you’ll find a few ideas that make menu planning and grocery shopping a breeze!

Do Away with Last Minute Dinner Fails

Meal planning and planning ahead in general, is said to improve mood, boost energy, and help maintain a healthy weight. What’s not to love about that? What’s most important is that you make healthy eating a long-term habit, rather than a short-term resolution!

We hope 2016 brings you good health, prosperity, and good cheer!

~Dr. Marea White