New Year, New Insurance Plans

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You are probably in planning mode… planning vacations around the kids school schedules and budgeting for the year.

Marea White To Do
Now is a great time to set aside time and your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars towards your dental appointments for the year.

The Busy Season

You have brand new benefits for 2015. Typically we are very busy at the first of the year. Our advice would be to spread out your dentist appointments so that you are using it slowly over the course of the year, instead of “all at once” just in case a dental emergency should pop up.

Obviously, it’s impossible to plan for every single emergency, but it seems to happen every year, someone has used all their insurance benefits at the first of the year and come September, something happens and they are stuck footing the entire bill. This is never fun.

Slow and Steady

It’s best to use a little at a time. We can help you plan out your family’s yearly dental appointments. Give us a call and we can look through your insurance and make a plan with you. We would be more than happy to help!

~Dr. Marea White