Make them Glow: Teeth Whitening in Bedford

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Woman with pearly white smile

Is your smile lacking the luster you’d like to have? Even if you have great oral hygiene now, you might be left with dull, discolored teeth. Your lifestyle and simple aging can sap the brightness right out of your teeth, but it’s not something you have to live with forever. 21st century whitening treatments are available to bring out your shine!

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to get top of the line results from your dentistry. You can find high-tech teeth whitening right here from your favorite Bedford dental practice. As a female dentist, I understand just how important it is to make an impression when you flash your pearly whites, which is why I use the Glo Science Pro Whitening system in my practice.

The great news is that you no longer have to subject yourself to messy strips, bleach, or trays. “GLO” stands for “Guided Light Optic” technology, and it actually uses light to and heat to turn your smile up to eight shades lighter after the first session.

It might sound like something from Star Trek, but GLO science is the real deal. Light-emitting diodes in the mouthpiece activate a special whitening gel that can significantly whiten your teeth in only 30 minutes. Our practice prefers this method not just because of its effectiveness and efficiency, but also because it’s the first professional whitening system that you can also use at home!

Get GLO-ing

Glo teeth whitening service

Whitening your teeth can make you look up to ten years younger! Now who doesn’t want that? Most of the whitening systems on the market either simply don’t work or they can cause pain and sensitivity problems in your gums. As a dentist, I don’t care just about your teeth. Your complete health and especially that of the soft tissues in your mouth are very important to me, so whitening methods that damage your gums are a “No!” from me!

The GLO Science Pro gel is applied directly to the target area, meaning it won’t migrate into your gums, tongue, or roof of your mouth. This also means we can spot treat — whiten the whole row or just that particular area that is discolored, whatever you need! I’ve always valued precision rather than a “shotgun” method of dentistry.

Get your Glo Whitening Treatment in the office…

For best results, we recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned at our practice prior to your whitening treatment. A detailed, clean surface is best for getting maximum results out of your treatment.

Also, as your dentist, I have access to professional strength whitening gels to use with your Glo Whitening system. You can choose to have your teeth whitened in our Bedford dental office if you’d like to have your results immediately: it’s a one and done treatment!..  

…OR take it to go.

You can take home your own GLO system to whiten when it’s convenient for you! This option is great for touch ups and ongoing maintenance of a healthy, bright smile. It’s easy to use — no strips, no trays, no mess!

Schedule a cleaning today and ask us more about the GLO system. The sooner you start your whitening treatment, the sooner you’ll be sharing your pearly white smile with everyone.

~Dr. Marea White