We Love the Fathers in Our Lives!

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Happy Father’s Day!

Dr. White's husband Marc and son Coleman

Just last month, I devoted a blog to the dear mothers of Bedford, Texas. I wanted to thank them for all that they do and remind them to take care of themselves too.

Well, now it’s Dad’s turn! It’s that time of year again, when we look to the fathers in our lives and say, “Thank you.”

I want to make sure that the fathers in Bedford, Texas know they’re loved this year too!

Dad Can Feel Comfortable Here

One important way you can help the fathers you love is to give them the gift of a great smile and better health. They work hard to take care of their families, but they need to take care of themselves too.

Going to the dentist can make a big difference. We offer everything from preventative cleanings to cosmetic procedures. We also make it easy to relax, with an Apple TV in the waiting room, amenities like blankets and pillow, and anxiety-free options like sedation dentistry.

Remind the fathers you love to schedule an appointment with us here at Marea White DDS!

~Dr. Marea White