Job Interview Success: Is Your Smile to Blame?

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Did you know? A whiter, brighter, confident smile could help you land your dream job? A recent study funded by Rice University and the University of Houston showed facial imperfections can negatively impact the outcome of an interview.

Smile Anxiety

When people have missing teeth, fillings or discoloration, they tend to keep a tight-lip on their smiles. According to Pamela McClain, DDS, a past president of the American Academy of Periodontology, “Life is much more challenging for people who are so self-conscious about their teeth, they don’t want to smile,”

Appearance and body language have long been the focal point during the interview process. According to this study, people with whiter teeth have a higher chance of being hired, as well as being offered higher salaries.  And this study states, people with straight teeth are seen as smarter, more accomplished.

It’s a sure bet hiring managers not only look into your credentials, but your overall appearance, as well.

Career expert, Melanie Holmes, a vice president at ManpowerGroup states, “the end of the year tends to be a slower time for new hires.” She goes on to say, “initiatives are wrapping up and budgets are maxed out. For companies on a calendar year financial schedule, new budgets start in January, which can mean funding for new positions.”

That means, now is the perfect time to perfect your smile, your résumé, and your plan!

Obtaining your perfect smile is easier than you think. Modern dentistry has opened a new wave of services that will have you on the confident trail in no time.

Self-whitening strips, dentist-applied whitening agents, implants and veneers are just a few things our office can do to help you improve your smile.

A Beautiful Smile Leaves a Positive Impression

The reality is, confidence is a major factor in landing your dream job. When you have a confident smile, people see you in a positive way. If you’re not happy with your smile, there are great ways to fix it! We want you to feel as confident going into a job interview as you are about your skills and training.

~Dr. Marea White