Invest in Your Lifelong Oral Health

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A recent study suggests there may be a link between tooth loss and aging. Losing teeth is destructive to the structure of your face. No one wants to look old or see more wrinkles. Yet, the cure for aging is not a magic potion. We have not stumbled upon the fountain of youth.

But, investing in your oral health will help keep you healthy at any age.

Balance Is Key

The Centers for Disease Control published this statement about aging and oral health:

Oral health problems can hinder a person’s ability to be free of pain and discomfort, to maintain a satisfying and nutritious diet, and to enjoy interpersonal relationships and a positive self-image. Overall, oral health problems are more frequently found in an older adult population for whom other health problems are often a priority.

Developing and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle is a challenge for people of any age. But, as we mature, our health can get in the way of all this.

Plus, if we are unable to enjoy the foods we once loved, or are just plain self-conscious of our appearance, our age really begins to show. This also isolates us from family and friends.

How Do We Counteract the Aging Process?

There are three basic things we can do to keep us looking and feeling young. And they may seem pretty simple, but they work!

  • We make regular dental cleanings a priority.
  • We maintain an active lifestyle.
  • We eat balanced and nutritious meals.

Marea White DDS Oral Health

Active, balanced, and healthy! That’s something we all want in life, right?

Start Today

Don’t let your oral health be the reason you don’t feel good about yourself! We treat patients of all ages. And we truly enjoy helping others achieve confident, healthy smiles.

These smiles start with regular cleanings! Schedule your appointment today!
~Dr. Marea White