Independence Day, Bedford Style

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Fireworks shooting in sky

This weekend is the celebration of America’s 240th birthday, our Independence Day. We commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence (though, what day should be celebrated could be argued).

We show our reverence for this holiday by spending time with close friends and family, decorating everything in patriotic colors, feasting, and watching the wonder that fireworks bring to kids from age one to ninety-two.

How to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Bedford

Step 1: Festivities

4thfest 2016

What’s a holiday for if not fun and games? Bedford’s 4thFest Independence Day Celebration brings the complete package for the whole family. There’s an inflatable activity area with bounce houses, obstacles courses, and even jousting. The Boys Ranch will also host the D&D Rockin’ Rods Classic Car Show, as well as live music from Rodney Bowens and Live 80.

Step 2: Play in the Water

Waterslide in Bedford

Bedford Splash happens to be right next to the rest of the shenanigans going on at Boys Ranch Park, so why not cool off during the blistering heat of mid-day? It’s likely to be busy, so come early. Monitor their Twitter feed (@BedfordSplash) for live updates.

Step 3: Meet Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel

Water skiing squirrel
The world’s most famous squirrel will be showing off her legendary skills with her toehold side-slides and and double step-overs. Twiggy performs her act perched on tiny skis behind a custom-made RC boat and a squirrel-sized life jacket (safety first!). When not performing on the water, Twiggy’s handler, Louann Best says the squirrel loves pistachios and sunflower seeds.

Step 4: Eat all the Food

Strawberry funnel cake

If you’re spending your day at Boys Ranch Park, you’ll have plenty of traditional options to choose from if you decline to bring your own picnic basket. Turkey drumsticks the size of your arm, funnel cakes that have their own zip code, and enough cotton candy to build a mountain,  can all be yours! If you happen to be more partial to some home cookin’, try these holiday-themed recipes to show your all-American side.

Step 5: Fireworks Extravaganza

People watching fireworks

There is nothing that screams “Independence Day” like the fireworks display in Bedford. Admission to view the show from the Boys Ranch Park is free, but bring all the lawn chairs, blankets, and supplies you might need to be comfortable. Check here for the details on the parking situation.

Let Freedom Ring

We are lucky to live in the best state of the best country in the world. There have been many flags over Texas, but we are always grateful to celebrate the stars and stripes on the Fourth of July.

~Dr. Marea White