Happy Labor Day Weekend… Almost!

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Marea White, DDS: Family Picnic

Even if it’s still warm outside, Labor Day seems to mark the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. It’s a great time to celebrate the changing seasons and the fact that the kids are finally back in school!

Do you have any big plans for the holiday weekend? I certainly hope so!

It’s the American Thing to Do!

Taking time off to unplug and enjoy our friends, neighbors, and families is important. There are so many articles and books about achieving work-life balance, it must be an issue, right? So many of us are striving to have it all, get it all done, and have meaningful relationships—it’s tough.

Maybe what we all need is an extra day off every once in a while to catch our breath, regroup, and make time for the important things in our lives—like barbecues! (I’m only sort-of joking.)

All this to say, I am really grateful that Labor Day was instituted way back in 1884. Originally, it was put in place to honor the hardworking Americans who were literally building America into what it is now.

And, in honor of Labor Day, our office observes the holiday. Our office will be closed on Monday, September 7, 2015. But, we will be right back to work Tuesday morning!

We Will See You Soon

To schedule your appointment before the holiday weekend and the upcoming school year, be sure to check out our website or give us a call.

~Dr. Marea White