When Good Halloween Candy Goes Bad

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Candy does have an expiration date. Unfortunately for us dentists, this expiration date is usually a year. But, candy does harden and get stickier over time, making it harder to chew and even harder to get unstuck from your teeth.

Marea White DDS Halloween candy does expire

Halloween Is Not a Dentist’s Favorite Time of Year

As a dentist, I do not derive pleasure from the sight of your candy/cavity-filled mouths come November. It’s part of my job. Some would say it’s job security. (Of course, I’m joking. And hopefully that myth about dentists is now officially dispelled.)

I Know a Dentist Appointment Strikes Terror in Some…

You honestly don’t need to be afraid of dentists. If you met me at the grocery store, I hope you would find me friendly…quite unlike a Halloween horror flick. Remember, dentists are people too.

And while I am on the subject of dispelling myths and rumors, I found this interesting list of myths about tooth decay. I love the one about aspirin relieving a toothache. Will it work? Only if you swallow it.

Anyway, I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween with your family. And don’t save up your trick-or-treat candy until Easter. Eat is while it’s still soft and chewy…and then rinse and brush!
~Dr. Marea White