Excellent Health Starts with Your Mouth

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I think we all want to feel confident about our smiles and our bodies. It’s amazing how these two things are linked. The health of our smiles directly relates to the health of our bodies, and the same is true the other way around.

Let me explain.

Poor nutrition affects the entire body. Diets full of processed foods lack the nutritional strength to fight off tooth decay and gum disease, and they’ve been directly linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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We Always Have Choices

Nutrition can be a confusing topic, with too many fad diets and more tips and tricks than anyone can count. It seems the information on what is healthy changes every couple of years. Remember when eggs were terrible for us?

There is one thing we know for certain: whole, unprocessed foods are always a healthy choice for overall health. And eating less sugar helps us keep our energy levels steady and our mouths cleaner.

We need healthy teeth to eat the foods that are best for us, like leafy greens and crunchy veggies. And these foods are exactly what help protect our teeth and enamel in the first place.

Our enamel is worn away by acids that attach to the surface of the tooth when sugars/ carbohydrates are not washed completely away either by saliva or by brushing and flossing. When our tooth enamel is strong, our mouths have a natural defense against cavities. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, like apples and carrots, also work to keep our mouths free of debris.

Take Good Care of Yourself!

Just because I’m a dentist doesn’t mean that I am not concerned with your overall health! The health of your mouth directly affects the rest of your body, and vice versa. Helping you take excellent care of your teeth is our job, and we love what we do.

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~Dr. Marea White