Easter: Candy Alternatives & Fun Treat Ideas

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Colorful Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and now’s the time to start putting together those coveted, nostalgic Easter baskets together that every kid looks forward to.

You know what else is right around the corner? Sticky, gooey, cavity-causing candy, and that’s why we are here to throw out a few Easter basket candy alternatives that we’re sure your little ones will love– even more than the giant chocolate bunnies!

More Than Just Golden Chocolate Eggs & Jelly Bean Excitement

Easter comes at a great time in the year. Spring is the perfect time to substitute candy for outdoor games and toys! The weather is warming up and adults and children alike are dying to get outside and shake off the winter blues!

Below, we rattle off 30 Easter basket ideas that even the tooth fairy will be happy about!

30 Easter Basket Ideas The Tooth Fairy Will Approve Of!

  1. Necklaces
  2. Nair art kids
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Nail Polish & Files
  5. Hair Brush
  6. Hair Styling Tools
  7. Headbands
  8. Hair Ties
  9. Scented Lotions
  10. Clothes
  11. Science Kits
  12. Wireless Mouse
  13. New Mousepad
  14. Mini Drone
  15. Goldie Blox Kit
  16. Mini Terrarium Kit
  17. Rubik’s Cube
  18. Minecraft Books
  19. Doodle Books
  20. Gel Pens
  21. Journal
  22. Phone Case
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Socks
  25. Personalized Luggage
  26. The Babe personalized Front Pocket Leather Wallet
  27. Hiking/Camping Gear
  28. Backpack
  29. Legos
  30. Fishing gear

Easter Basket Ideas For Kids That Love Music

  1. Earbuds
  2. Wireless Headphones
  3. Bluetooth speaker
  4. iTunes Gift Card
  5. iPod
  6. Concert Tickets

Sarah Wilson over at SarahWilson.com has some great ideas and sugar-free recipes for Easter, as well that are worth checking out, too.

Moderation is Key!

We know avoiding the colorful and yummy Easter candy altogether is nearly impossible. So we suggest if you do want to put candy in their baskets you stick with things like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Their better than the sticky/gummy candies like jelly beans and Starbursts that stay trapped on and around teeth much longer than chocolate.

Peeps and other marshmallowy treats are great alternatives because they too dissolve faster than their gummy, sticky friends.

~Dr. Marea White