Dental Emergencies: Don’t Play Doctor

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Dentists like to spend a lot of time talking about preventative care. It does save you, time, pain, and money in the long run. But, somethings just can’t be prevented. Accidents happen.

Sometimes a tooth is knocked loose, or chipped, or cracked, or it falls out completely. No one likes it when that happens! But, what should you do if you encounter some sort of dental emergency?

That’s what today’s post is all about!

Marea White Dental Emergencies

What We Recommend

Hopefully, your dental emergencies are rare! There are three types of emergencies that we encounter here at our office.

  1. If your tooth falls out, the best thing to do is save it in a small glass of milk and bring it with you to your dentist appointment.
  2. If an abscess has formed, do not put an aspirin on it.This can cause a chemical burn in your mouth, which will only add to your pain! You should swallow an aspirin for the pain, use cold compresses on your cheek for swelling, and call your dentist immediately. It might also be a good idea to rinse your mouth gently with warm water.
  3. If you have been in an accident involving your mouth or throat, and you were taken to the emergency room, it is best to follow up with your dentist, as soon as you are able. Trauma to the mouth can affect your teeth years later. It’s best to be proactive about your recovery.

We Are Here For You

Obviously, we don’t wish these scenarios on anyone! But, in the case of an emergency, it’s always best to have some sort of plan in place. I hope these tips were helpful to you.

If you have children, sports injuries are a great concern. And, a good mouthguard goes a long way in preventing serious dental emergencies.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, please contact us immediately.
~Dr. Marea White