Dental Decisions: How to Find the Best Dentist in Your Area

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In the US, over 30 percent of adults between 20 and 44 have untreated cavities. You can chalk some of that up to poor brushing or flossing, but many adults never or rarely see a dentist.

Infrequent dentist visits can stem from several sources. Many people suffer from some level of dental phobia. They also worry about the cost, potential pain, or getting a lecture.

Another problem is that people move a lot more often. Finding a new dentist takes time and effort. So, how do you find the best dentist near you without it soaking up all your time?

Keep reading and we’ll give you some tips.

Get Recommendations

One simple way you can start your hunt for the best dentist is asking for recommendations. Family members that live in the area will often know a good dentist that they’ve visited for years.

Coworkers can often point you in the direction of a good dentist. They can also tell you who to avoid, which is almost as important.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews can prove a powerful tool in making decisions about a dentist or other professional. It’s a good way to discover if the staff is friendly and the office well-maintained. Customer reviews can also tell you whether the dental work held up over time.

Of course, you can’t take everything you read on a review site at face value. Positive and negative fake reviews turn up all the time. You must watch for the signs of fake reviews, such as:

  • few details
  • lots of personal pronouns, like I and me
  • heavy on verbs

Looking for these signs won’t let you pick out every fake review, but they can help.

Look at the Services Available

Let’s say that you need a dental implant. Many dentists offer the service, but not every dentist will.

Also, consider whether the dentist is primarily for you or will they see your kids. While you may only need annual cleanings and an occasional filling, kids often need more and specialized work done.

You may want a dentist who offers a wider range of services for your kids.

Go In for a Consult

Once you pare down the list, the simplest way you can evaluate a dentist is through a visit. You can schedule a consult or a cleaning.

This gives you the chance to interact with the staff and dentist. You can see how they treat patients and ask questions.

Parting Thoughts on Finding the Best Dentist in Your Area

Finding the best dentist in your area doesn’t have to prove a drain on your time and energy.

You can ask friends, family, or coworkers for recommendations. Online review sites can provide you with insight as well.

You should also consider the services offered. Will they meet all your and your family’s needs?

A consult or cleaning provides you a chance to see the office and the staff in action.

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