How Communicating with Your Dentist Can Save Your Life!

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Have you ever felt like skipping a trip to the dentist because you’re anxious or worried about what it’ll be like? At Marea White, DDS, we strive to provide a positive and relaxing experience, but we know that it still can be uncomfortable or even scary to see the dentist sometimes!

Communication with patient

This is all made worse by the fact that many people don’t really understand health information—it’s full of complicated medical jargon that intimidates them. Instead of deciding to learn more, some just choose to avoid oral health care altogether.

That’s why we wanted to say a little bit about the importance of communication with your dental care provider and your dental hygienist. Communication is the key to good oral health.

How We Improve Dentist-Patient Communication

We often ask our patients whether they want information in detail or whether they just want the bottom line. We work hard to communicate the way our patients want, even if that means cutting down on all the technical language and explaining what we’re doing in an easier way.

We also focus on individualized care. We communicate with video slides and movie clips, and we take photos of our patients’ teeth to send home with them. It’s all about making the process easier for you and keeping up your oral health!

Considering the links between poor oral health and conditions like a weakened immune system or heart disease, strong communication with your dentist could literally save your life!

In the spirit of communication, don’t hesitate talk to us if you have questions or comments. We’re here to help!

~Dr. Marea White