We Celebrate Older Americans with Senior Discounts

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Marea White DDS elderly couple together smiling

Did you know?? May is Older American Month! We love seeing our senior dental patients here at our office in Bedford, Texas.

We offer senior dental patient discounts for dental work at our office because we know how important oral health is later in life.

Here are 3 great reasons to visit us if you are a senior:

1. The passage of time itself can necessitate more frequent visits to your dentist. Tooth enamel doesn’t grow back, so the teeth are less protected as time goes on. Also, with limited strength and dexterity, it is sometimes hard to be as thorough and effective with brushing and flossing as your teeth need you to be.

2. Many of you are taking medications to treat conditions and to stay healthy. Unfortunately, many medications have side effects, like dry mouth, that put your oral health at risk. Your medications are very important and an extra dental visit here and there will combat those sometimes necessary side effects.

3. Many of you tell us about the time you spend eating out with friends or talking with your grandkids and great grandkids. Your free time during retirement is filled with hobbies and interests that use your mouth, teeth, and jaw frequently. Keeping your teeth strong and healthy will enable you to continue to enjoy those activities for many years to come.

Frequent Visits are Best

More and more older americans are keeping their natural teeth longer because of smart oral care. We want to support that trend!

With these considerations in mind, the traditional “see your dentist every 6 months” maxim may need to be modified to every 3-4 months.

If you are interested in talking to us about your oral health or asking us about our senior discounts, please call us today!

You might also see our ad on Seniorific. It’s a great place to look for news and entertainment for seniors!

~Dr. Marea White’s Office