Canker Sores Are a Pain!

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Marea White Canker Sores

Have you ever been surprised by how much a tiny little paper cut can hurt? Don’t you hate those? It’s amazing how small annoyances can stop you in your tracks. Canker sores can feel the same way, but they seem to last a lot longer than paper cuts.

So, where do canker sores come from? How do we treat them? Let’s tackle these burning questions!

Here It Comes

There are several reasons we get canker sores. Our oral health is intrinsically tied to the health of our whole bodies.

  • Stress or injury to an area within the mouth can cause a mouth ulcer. Stressed tissues give way to canker sores pretty easily. If your braces are constantly rubbing the inside of your cheek the wrong way, or the jagged edge of a tooth consistently catches the inside of your lip, you can bet canker sores are right around the corner.
  • Nutrition or vitamin deficiencies can also cause canker sores. Specifically, a lack of either vitamin B12 or calcium has been found to cause mouth ulcers.
  • A poor immune system has been loosely linked to canker sores. I mean, logically, if your immune system is not in tip-top shape, you won’t be able to fight off a canker sore before it rears its ugly head.

How do you prevent canker sores? Once a canker sore has started to form, certain acidic foods will only heighten the problem. If you feel one coming on, it’s best to avoid strawberries, citrus fruits, figs, tomatoes, and apples.

My Recommendation

For my patients who suffer from repeated canker sores, there are two over-the-counter medications I recommend: Orabase and Rincinol are great for relieving the pain and getting rid of those nasty little sores once and for all.

Of course, you can always come see us in person too! Give us a call or visit our website to schedule your appointment.
~Dr. Marea White