Can I Use My Flexible Spending Account at the Dentist?

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’m glad you asked. The short answer is: Yes. Absolutely. You can use your flexible spending account at our dental office.

Of course we will take your money. 🙂 But we’d also like to help!

And, there is always the added savings of paying with your pre-tax dollars. It also saves you money on your income taxes.

Marea White DDS Flexible Spending

We Are Flexible

FSA plans and insurance jargon can be tricky to navigate, so let us do away with the mystery. Dental expenses are covered.

You may already be aware, but open enrollment is coming soon for most employees. This is a friendly reminder to plan ahead with your FSA plans for your anticipated dental/health purchases for next year.

Use It or Lose It!

Now is a great time to schedule a dentist appointment before the end of the year. That way, you’ll have time to use up that flexible spending money that you set aside when you were so organized last January.
~Dr. Marea White