The Best Cosmetic Options for Your Smile

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When you come to see me at my Bedford, Texas office, you know you are going to get detailed and custom dental care. Everyone’s smile is different, so I am careful to adjust my cosmetic dental work to your needs and goals.

Marea White DDS woman smiling with white teeth

The Time is Now

The month of May is a great time for cosmetic work. It’s close enough to graduations, vacations, weddings, and reunions that the results will be fresh and new. And you still have some time to have the work done – if you start now!

Custom Cosmetic Dental Work

The most important rule of cosmetic dentistry is to perform it specific to the individual. Dentists who use one-treatment-fits-all programs run the risk of doing more damage than improvement to a patient’s smile.

When you come in to my office, we will do a comprehensive evaluation of your current teeth, bite, gums, and jaw. You and I will then go over all your goals and the final results you seek. Once we have point A and point B, we can start talking about options available to you.

This is when you can bring up concerns over timing, costs, and risks. I’m happy to discuss these in detail with you. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with the treatment plans we develop.

It’s even better if you are truly excited about them, too!

Depending on what we mutually agree to, your treatment may be a single visit or multiple visits over the course of several months. The bottom line is that we will do what we need to in order to make your smile everything you want it to be.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Here are some of our most common cosmetic procedures.


You can be fitted with whitening trays and start using the solution a few days later. In only about two weeks, you will see the results. This is a great option for those special occasions where smiling for the camera is frequent.


We use an air abrasion technique for stage 1 decay. If you have a cavity that you need removed and filled, this is a drill-free, anesthetic-free procedure.

It’s fast, easy, and we use material that matches your tooth color so there are no glaring spots in your smile.

Dr White's patient before serviceDr White patient after services


Crowns are slightly more involved because they require more material and time to utilize. If you have a damaged or chipped tooth that is unable to be fixed with a filling, a crown will be the best option for you. This process will take a few weeks.


Bridges are needed when a tooth has been lost due to decay or trauma. If you have a gap in your smile from tooth loss, you might consider getting a bridge.

This will require me to prepare the teeth on either side of the gap as the anchors for the synthetic tooth that will be held in place between them.

Bridges are done in multiple appointments because I need to prepare the teeth, send the mold to the lab, and then cement the bridge in place. Bridges are faster than implants, but sometimes I would still recommend a single tooth implant over a 3-tooth bridge.

Marea White DDS dental bridgework


Veneers are similar in substance to crowns and bridges but they are thinner and are made to cover the front of many teeth, rather than just one (crown) or a full tooth replacement (bridge). Veneers are a great option for some of my patients, but not all, so be sure to talk to me if you are interested in this procedure.


Implants take the longest because the oral surgeon places the implant and that can take months (availability, procedure time, recovery, etc). We place the crown in our office with a similar procedure as the other crowns, as far as getting the mold made and then cementing or screwing it in place.

All in all, cosmetic dentistry can take one visit, a couple weeks, or months. To find out what’s best for you, book a consultation.

This summer, you’ll be enjoying sunshine, smiles, and success!

~Dr. Marea White