The Best Brush for You

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Marea White Toothbrushes

Standing in the toothbrush aisle at the local drug store can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are picking out new toothbrushes for your children or for yourself, it’s hard to know if you are making the healthiest choice.

Is an electric toothbrush really better than a plain old toothbrush? It seems like four out of five dentists prefer one product to another. I always wonder what the fifth dentist’s problem is…

So, today we are here to answer the age-old question: Which toothbrush does this dentist use at home?

A Soft Touch

I’ve checked around the office, and it’s unanimous. Sonicare is everyone’s favorite choice. We’ve all given Sonicare toothbrushes to friends and family at Christmas. They make great gifts! But does an electric toothbrush really matter in the larger scheme of things?

Not as much as toothbrush manufacturers would like you to believe.

The most important thing about a toothbrush is that is has soft bristles. There is no need to scratch at your enamel for two minutes, twice per day, with a hard-bristled toothbrush! All that’s needed is a thorough yet gentle going-over with a soft-bristled bush.

The trick is to really get all the surfaces of each tooth. This is where flossing and a good mouthrinse help improve your reach.

A Sonicare comes in handy because it whisks away debris and bacteria as you move it around your mouth.

Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion in the toothpaste aisle!

Pick Up Replacement Heads at Our Office

To make things easy for you, we sell Sonicare replacement heads in our office. Give us a call for more information, or visit our website to schedule a cleaning and pick up a few while you are there.

Simple, right?

~Dr. Marea White