How to Avoid Holiday Cavities

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Let’s be honest; the holidays arrive bearing sugar-laden treats that are just as harmful to our waistlines as they are to our teeth!

We are not saying that you need to stick to celery and stop enjoying life…but there are a few things we should consume a little more cautiously to avoid cavities.

Sticky Situations

Gumdrops, caramels, taffy…oh my! Sure, they are yummy—especially when they are homemade—but they are loaded with sugar and they stick to your teeth.

The same goes for hard candies like candy canes—the sugar dissolves slowly in your mouth. Basically, it’s a sugar bath for your teeth.

Sugar High

Did you know that a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream can pack up to 37 grams of sugar? That’s an awful lot.

Marea White DDS holiday host chocolate

Egg nog is not much better at just over 20 grams of sugar per cup!

Marea White DDS glass of holiday eggnog

Obviously, we aren’t telling you all of this to force you into a holiday depression. We think knowledge is power. It’s possible to find a smarter, healthier balance while still enjoying the season with your family and friends, and we hope that you do. Enjoy!

~Dr. Marea White