3 Dentist-Approved Healthy Fall Recipes

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As the weather cools down just a bit and we see all of our non-Texan friends and family obsess over typical fall weather and traditions, our mood starts to shift, too. We might not experience that cool fall air as much, but we start craving heartier, autumnal foods as the later months set in.

We want fall food, too. The trouble is, even some “healthy” foods are loaded with hidden sugars. Brown sugar, molasses, and maple syrup all factor in heavily to some of our favorite fall dishes, and sometimes we never think twice about it.

Healthy fall foods So we’ve curated seven healthy, hearty recipes that will indulge your fall cravings– without overdoing it on the sugar.

  • Quick Roast Chicken & Root Vegetables – This delicious dish can be prepared in almost no time at all. Savory chicken and well-prepared root vegetables are fall favorites, and this meal is filling, satisfying, and healthy. Even people who don’t traditionally like most root vegetables will find something to love with this meal. Recipe via EatingWell.com
  • Pumpkin Ravioli – With typical ravioli, meats and cheeses are the main attraction. Those calories add up quickly, so this is a nice, lower calorie count alternative with a distinctly fall flavor. It calls for one cup of canned pumpkin, which only features 8g of sugar in the entire meal. Recipe via Health.com
  • Baked Mac and Cheese – This one is sure to win over even kids and spouses who just “don’t like” homemade mac and cheese because it’s not the same as leading boxed brands. There’s a well-disguised layer of spinach in this dish that makes it extra healthy, and it goes light on fats and carbs while remaining flavorful. Recipe via EatingWell.com

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~Dr. Marea White