2016’s Best Gifts for a Classic Christmas

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Christmas presents

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present? Some people can be tough to shop for, so I’d like to help out by sharing some great gift ideas I came across this year.

If there is one theme I’ve noticed this year, I’d call it “old school cool”. A lot of the most popular items are classics from decades ago that are making a comeback (and they told you that Starland Vocal “Afternoon Delight” album was worthless).

Without further ado, here are the top 2016 holiday gift ideas for the whole family!

For Him

For Him

High-quality Safety Razor

After years of disposable shaving supplies, men have rediscovered the razor their grandpas used decades ago. Not only does the experience of shaving improve with a better kit, but it’s also significantly less expensive. A double-edged razor is a fine gift for the manly man.

Quadcopter Drone

The only difference between men and boys is the quality of their toys! These lightweight hobby drones are all the rage right now. As any husband will tell you, the key to victory is air superiority, and these drones are sure to get you there.

Please fly responsibly.

Virtual Reality

I didn’t realize that virtual reality had become an actuality until it was already here. It seemed to come suddenly, entering the market and being instantly affordable.

The genius of the new virtual reality gear is that they harness the power of smartphones that most people already own. You can play games, watch movies, or interact in a new way with the world around you, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The top pick for 2016 is definitely the Samsung Gear VR.

For Her

For Her

A Record Player

You read that correctly. Vinyl is making a comeback, and with it comes a wide choice in turntables with some up-to-date modifications. Your top choices can connect to any of your mobile devices, convert vinyl records to digital formats (so you can take your original Pink Floyd album on the road), and even Bluetooth.

Polaroid Camera

We’ve made it to a point that last year I had to go to a specialized shop to find film for my 35mm camera, and had even more trouble getting the film developed. Believe it or not, we now have the technology to instantly develop an image as soon as you take it! After disappearing for decades, Polaroid cameras are back, because once again we’ve come to appreciate the novelty of having a printed picture at our fingertips.

Colorful Cast Iron

Cast iron is great to cook with, but it can be a bit lackluster in the aesthetics department. But it doesn’t have to be. The great cooks in your life would love to have their cast iron worked over with chip-resistant enamel that not only looks great, but makes the cookware easier to clean.

For Kids

For Kids


The top toy this year, according to a bunch of different organizations, is the Hatchimal. What on Earth is a Hatchimal?

A Hatchimal is a magical creature that begins its life inside an egg. Your child can care for and play with the egg, which will eventually hatch an Owlicorn, Penguala, or a Draggle! They can then care for their new furry friend, which will grow from a baby, to a toddler, and then to a child Hatchimal.

Hug Time Poppy

Because all of the best things became popular during the 60s, Trolls are making a comeback. The hero of the new hit-film Trolls is Poppy, one of many trolls who wears a light-up bracelet to remind her that it is “hug time”.

Poppy comes with a matching bracelet for her buddy to wear that is synchronized with her’s. When they both light up, Poppy wants a hug, and when she gets them she will light up and play songs.

Land of Stories

Chris Colfer will likely be remembered as the children’s author of this generation. The Land of Stories follows Alex and Conner as they leave their world behind, entering a realm filled with the fairy tale characters such as Mother Goose and Little Red Riding Hood.

For Everyone

For Everyone

Electric Toothbrush

I like to think that a perfect gift is one that someone wouldn’t buy for himself, yet is desirable and would be used everyday. An electric toothbrush is just such an item, and once tried, they will never go back. The uninitiated will feel like they’ve never brushed their teeth before!

There are many options to suit your needs, and don’t forget that we are always here to help!


There are few things more classically fun than watching a loved one take a pie to the face, which is why this Hasbro game is making waves this year. PieFace is a delightfully simple game, as the angst builds among the players waiting for that inevitable pie to go boom!

Nintendo Classic

What year is it?
Proving once again that you don’t need futuristic graphics and supercomputers to have a good time, the 1985 Nintendo console that introduced a generation to video games is making a return. The NES Classic comes with 30 games, and has been updated to simply plug into your modern TV. They are asking for a measly retail price of $59.99, roughly the same price tag of a single new game for current consoles on the market.

The NES Classic is a home run hit for your family. You’ll just have to fight off the hordes to get your hands on one.

9 Out Of 10 Dentists Recommend Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Dental Timer

Most people don’t brush long enough, so anything that helps us spend the time needed to do a thorough job cleaning our teeth is money well spent. These dental-themed, two-minute egg timers are a great way to encourage great brushing practices.

New Toothbrush

We all need a new toothbrush at some point, so now is a good time to make sure everyone has the necessities in their dental kit. Replacement toothbrushes – or new heads for an electric toothbrush – are a perfectly practical stocking option.


Christmas is a great time to stock up on floss. Floss is small, so it’s easy to get an ample supply of your family member’s preferred floss in with the rest. Whether it’s DenTek Picks or Oral-B Glide, floss is an easy option to encourage good hygiene.

~Dr. Marea White