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Fall Into Bedford

Young girl in pumpkin patch

What does a dentist in Bedford do when not treating patients? With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a great chance to talk about the seasonal events in the Mid-Cities that our team enjoys the most. Halloween Around Bedford Hall’s Pumpkin Farm If you haven’t made your jack-o’-lanterns yet, there’s still time to fetch some […]

Trinity Trojans: False Start?

Football team at scrimmage

The Trinity Trojans have a strong tradition of winning, even amidst the toughest high school football competition in the nation. Unfortunately, they go into their next game with a losing record, one of the only times they have had one in more than a dozen years. After a 31-14 loss to Colleyville Heritage, the Trojans […]

The Best Halloween Haunts in Bedford

kids in costumes with pumpkins

It’s October, and that means it’s almost Halloween in Bedford! It’s a holiday that is filled with thrills, mystery, and superstition, and we can always count on Halloween to bring us a little bit of fun. What began as a Celtic harvest festival, eventually transformed into the modern monolith of masks and makeup we see […]

3 Dentist-Approved Healthy Fall Recipes

Grilled chicken and parsley

  As the weather cools down just a bit and we see all of our non-Texan friends and family obsess over typical fall weather and traditions, our mood starts to shift, too. We might not experience that cool fall air as much, but we start craving heartier, autumnal foods as the later months set in. […]

We’re the Best, Thanks to You!

Marea White Team continuing education

We’re pleased to announce we were chosen by Living Magazine’s readers as the Best General Dentist and Best Cosmetic Dentist in Northeast Tarrant County. We’re honored you chose us, and we hope to keep providing you with great care for many years to come. My staff and I work very hard to pamper our patients […]

Smiling Is Our Favorite, Too!

Happy people and smiles

We are in the business of beautiful smiles. Our smiles are an important part of who we are. When we feel confident about our smiles, we appear more genuine and open in social situations. And lately, I’ve been reading about all the health benefits our smiles provide. Put On a Happy Face I also found […]

Keep the Peace with a Snore Guard

Man Snoring loudly

Snoring can be a large (or at least loud) problem in some households. I bring this up because restorative sleep is hard to come by these days, and it’s one area that will wear us down and cause our immune systems to wimp out if it’s neglected. When we don’t get enough sleep, everything gets […]

Pack Your Lunch, but Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

Three red apples

I think packing your lunch at any age is a chore. Whether you have picky eaters who only eat things that look like chicken nuggets and ranch dressing, or you are going gluten-free and can’t find anything that looks like a sandwich, I feel your pain. As the school year is upon us, the pressure […]

Happy Labor Day Weekend… Almost!

Family Picnic for Labor Day

Even if it’s still warm outside, Labor Day seems to mark the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. It’s a great time to celebrate the changing seasons and the fact that the kids are finally back in school! Do you have any big plans for the holiday weekend? I certainly […]

Let’s Get Real about Artificial Ingredients

Image Credit I recently read a news article that said Kraft is reworking its macaroni and cheese recipe so that the household staple will no longer contain artificial dyes beginning January 2016. Kraft insists this move is a reflection of consumer preferences. In fact, Food Babe started a petition on in 2013 asking Kraft […]